We are simulogics, a small independent game studio located in Germany. We craft simulation games for experts.

So far, this includes the airline management game AirlineSim (2002) and the space economy sim Prosperous Universe (2018). Both are browser-based MMOs providing their players with great freedom, realism, depth, and fair monetization models.

Part of our expertise stems from a long history of contract work. We have created web-based applications and tools for over a decade, with a strong focus on aviation, transport and logistics. These extensive insights into real-world systems have greatly informed the deep and realistic game design our fans have come to expect from us.


Our games are made for experts, by experts. Our developers and our players share a love for deep simulations, for quirky interfaces, for real interactions with real people, for worlds modelled after our own, for mechanics that value actual experience over experience points, for themes and settings ignored by most of the industry, for fairness and for real consequences. In short: We make games that few others would dare to make!

Our players are people, not ATMs. We strongly oppose predatory practices designed to squeeze the maximum amount of cash from a player base. Our games have always featured the most transparent and straightforward monetization model in existence: pay to play. We are passing up the bulk of what we could be earning by objecting to pay-to-win microtransactions, “bullshit currencies”, and chance-based, gambling-adjacent practices. If the financial benefit didn’t far outweigh the damage to a game’s image labeled “pay to win”, the world of browser-based games wouldn’t be infested with these practices. We take a stance. The core principles of realism and fairness in our games will not be undermined by some players paying more than others.


Our small team comes from a variety of backgrounds.

Martin Simons (Founder and Managing Director)

Martin Simons

Martin founded simulogics in 2007 to commercialize his then hobby project AirlineSim. Shortly after, he finished his degree in logistics but soon decided that the shipping industry wasn’t for him. Instead, he went on to make AirlineSim his day job and to offer his combination of logistics and software development skills to paying customers. These days, he’s mostly involved with the administrative side of running the company and is the lead developer on all our game projects. He likes to spend his spare time with Netflix, good food and great friends – ideally a combination of the three.

Michael Olp (Game Manager Prosperous Universe)

Michael Olp

After graduating in computer sciences, Michael’s career started out in the finance sector and had him develop software for various banks. Then he decided this wasn’t fun enough and took the plunge into self-employment, creating a mobile puzzle game. In 2015, he started to do freelance work for simulogics and eventually became a full-time employee. He spends most of his working hours with topics related to Prosperous Universe. Besides work, he is an avid archer and gardener.

Fabian Fischer (Game Designer)

Fabian Fischer

Being an avid gamer for most of his life and after years of hobbyist game development projects, Fabian decided to take a deep dive into game design during his studies of computer science and hasn’t stopped ever since. Besides spending his professional life within the depths of Prosperous Universe’s gameplay mechanisms and systems, he also regularly writes articles, works on game jam and other side projects and runs a small board game company.

Lena Hagen (Community Manager)

Lena Hagen

After finishing her studies in the field of audiovisual media, Lena started working as a customer support agent before joining simulogics in 2021. Now, her daily work revolves around keeping in touch with the community and helping out with game support. In her free time, she enjoys playing MMORPGs and visual novels, watching movies with friends or drawing characters with fancy cartoon hair.